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Pati Pati is the student solidarity choir of Leuven. What does this mean? We want to contribute to a better world, while singing. We do this by holding a yearly concert, of which all profit goes to an self-chosen organization each year. Throughout the year we also give some smaller concerts: for example we give a Christmas concert in the Leuven prison and in a retirement home or Christmas market.

Another thing that characterizes us as a solidarity choir is that we aim to be as inclusive as possible to all students. It doesn’t matter to us if you’ve got music skills or can read notes; everybody with enthusiasm for singing and music is more than welcome! That’s why we have no auditions.

Apart from our solidarity ethos, Pati Pati also provides a cultural enrichment. We perform songs from all around the world, from popular songs to ballads from faraway countries. Besides music from all around the world, we are also explicitly open to students from different countries. That’s why our rehearsals are held in English.

And last but not least, our choir is also an easily accessible place to meet a group of nice and enthusiastic people! Ex-members can confirm that you will start calling this group your friends very quickly. We don’t only come together with this group for rehearsals, but after the rehearsals those who want to ga for drinks. We also organize activities ± monthly. For example: Halloween parties, Christmas parties, game nights, cantusses, dorm room crawls, sea trips, … Cantusses are Belgian student singing parties by the way.


Pati Pati was born in 1989 as a UP initiative, KU Leuven’s University Parish. In June 2010 UP decided not to support Pati Pati any longer. Nevertheless, the members decided to continue Pati Pati independently. In the hope of a long existence, the choir opens its doors for new students to expand the group!


These are the board members for the academic year 2021–2022.

For questions abouth the website, you can contact us at webmaster@patipati.be.