About Pati Pati...

An encounter with other cultures easily happens through music. Singing is universal and builds bridges to other cultures

This is the purpose of the solidarity choir Pati Pati.

Pati Pati is a choir in Leuven for students who want to contribute to a better world by singing togheter. The choir is open for all students in and around Leuven who would like to sing along and participate in our projects.

Solidarity: it's a beautiful word, and there are a lot of ways in which we experience and bring out this solidarity:
  • Every year around Lent we do one or more concerts towards which we work during the whole year. Every year the choir members choose a project togheter to which the proceeds of the concerts go. This is a project that addresses poverty and inequality in the world.
  • Our repertorium includes a wide range of songs from all over the world: gospels, South-American, African, West-, Mid- and East-European, religious songs, ... In this way we try to espress our solidarity towards people who are often forgotten with our voices.
  • Foreign students who are spending some time in Leuven are more than welcome.
  • By working towards a concert togheter, a close bond between the singers arises. Being togheter is not only limited to the rehearsals; a weekend, a trip to the sea and other activities enhance solidarity within the choir.
The wipala is a symbol of solidarity. We all wear this rainbow-coloured scarf during our concerts.

Pati Pati exists since 1989. It is an initiative of UP, the University Parish of the KULeuven. In June 2010 the University Parish decided not to further support Pati Pati. The members of the choir decided to continue with Pati Pati. Hoping that Pati Pati may flourish further, we are looking forward to the new year and to all the new students who like to sing and want to broaden their look on the world and who we will be able to welcome.